Full-Stack Developer

I’m Onkesh Kumar Onkar, a India based self-taught full-stack, developer with over 2.5+ years of experience with a passion for creating better UX. I am proficient in building end-to-end product from scratch.

I have worked closely on products from designing the wireframe, to development, to production deployment.

My Skills

# languages

“HTML”, “CSS”, “JavaScript”,

“C/C++”, “Python”

# tools & libraries

“Node.js”, “Express.js”, “Fastify.js”,

“PostgreSQL”, “MongoDB”, “Redis”,

React.js”, “Next.js”, “Redux”,

“WebSocket”, “Nginx”,


# dev-ops

“Linux”, “Git”, “Docker”,

“EC2(AWS)”, “S3(AWS)”,

“GitHub Actions”,

“Digital Ocean”

Work Experience


Jan 2022 - Oct 2022
  • Built APIs for vehicle tracking(GeoJSON) and attendance system
  • Scripted bulk image uploads to S3, and CSV data ingestion with parsing/validation to MongoDB.
  • Sole architect and implementer of the entire backend system for the Solid Waste Management project


# Internship
Nov 2021 - Dec 2021
  • Built APIs for auth, and core transaction processing (wallet, call logs).
  • Containerized backend-infra on EC2(AWS).


# Freelance
Feb 2020 - Jul 2022

Engineered products end-to-end for Indian and Australian clients, from prototypes to production deployments (Figma to Cloud).




Full-stack application for managing restaurants / café. It includes a range of features for managing every aspect of the business, from workforce and employee schedules to tasks, menu, catering orders, and payment tracking.

CSV Parser

C++ library

Provide an easy-to-use API and built-in visualization features to make data analysis more efficient.



An e-commerce application with fully-featured cart. It’s based on MVC pattern. With user and seller dashboard.

About me

I was always interested to know how things works behind the scene. This curiosity made me explore everything I can, from software to hardware, from school days. And land up coding for six years. Made my first C++ application Quick-deal, an E-commerce app in 12th.

I have also mentored juniors in college for around a year with my designed syllabus .

I enjoy cooking while listening songs - that sooths and give peace. Traveling makes me refresh and focused.